Wiki Translations

How about having a Wiki containing all the classic literature, enabling anyone to translate any text in his mother tongue? Having one great pool of literature, philosophy and humanism, allowing anyone with Internet access to download free of charge originals, translations and bilingual versions of some of the mankind's greatest works?

At the moment, this is only a dream, but I hope it can be realized, as all necessary technologies exist and the programming effort should not be too hard. A first attempt for a draft can be downloaded here.

Please send any comments and suggestions to

Well, on the foundation-l mailing list it has been made clear that no one will program my "wishlist" so soon ;-) however, one can make many things with the existing mechanisms. Instead of two-pane layout, you can put two browser windows side by side; multiple versions can be realised by different site names; and although I still have problems to compare a creative-artistic work like translating which can never have "a correct version" to an encyclopaedia article which should consist of facts, I accept the mailing list's critic that one should try to prevent forking as much as possible. So one could imagine a translation with a policy "please, try to do a cooperative work and don't be ideological; if you really can't accept our way, do your own".

There is a translation project in wikicities: Hope it gains some strength!